Sonntag, 26. Juli 2020

Fears growing for five indigenous Garifuna men abducted in Honduras (englisch)

aus: The Guardian, 23.07.2020, von Nina Lakhani,


The Triunfo de la Cruz region has been embroiled in a struggle to save their ancestral land from developers and drug traffickers


Fears are growing for the safety of five black indigenous men in Honduras who were abducted from their homes last weekend by heavily armed gunmen in police uniform.
The victims are Garifuna fishermen from the town Triunfo de la Cruz on the north coast – a region where communities are embroiled in a longstanding struggle to save their ancestral land from drug traffickers, palm oil magnates and tourism developers aided by corrupt officials and institutions.
The Garifunas are descendants of an Afro-indigenous population from the Caribbean island of St Vincent, who were transported from their home by the British and abandoned on the Honduran coast in the late 18th century.
In Honduras, they and other indigenous communities have suffered decades of violent land grabs, which have been carried out with almost total impunity. weiter zum Artikel

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